Making Urban Buildings for model railways

Making Urban Buildings for model railways

Released on 3rd December 2013

Making Urban Buildings for model railways
by David Wright

ISBN: 9781847975683
PUBLISHED BY: The Crowood Press
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246×189 mm
INSIDE: over 300 colour photographs & diagrams

This second comprehensive book from the author contains over 300 illustrations, including step-by-step photographs, as well as beautifully presented drawings and diagrams, is essential reading for all railway modellers.

The book is aimed at those modellers who wish to create a model railway set in an urban landscape. It covers the selection and construction of a wide range of urban buildings which the modeller can gain ideas, identify special features and draw inspiration.

Special attention is paid to modelling architectural details and the effects of weathering. Scratch building techniques and materials, as well as ready-to-plant buildings and kits, are covered. In addition to the buildings themselves, the author also considers the urban setting and infrastructure, and demonstrates how to construct roads and pavements, yards etc. to create authentic street scenes. Also covered in the book is how to create urban decay and dereliction, to give your model a realistic feel.

Finally, consideration is given to perspective modelling, a concept that provides the modeller with the opportunity to make much better use of a limited amount of space.

Topics covered include:

  • The materials and equipment required to build models
  • Modelling methods and construction techniques
  • Painting, weathering and finishing
  • Creating a sympathetic setting for your models
  • Improving kits and ‘off-the-shelf’ models

RRP: £18.99

This book is available from ourselves at £23 including postage and packing (within UK) – email for more information.

It is also available to order from most bookshops ISBN:9781847975683