Constructing Model Buildings DVD

Constructing Model Buildings DVD

Newly launched instructional video ‘Constructing Model Buildings in a miniature landscape’ David Wright shows you how.
Available now for just £22 including postage and packing.

This DVD has been produced to demonstrate how to produce convincing model buildings at very moderate cost.

The DVD deals with both selecting a real building from a site visit as well as working from photographs where buildings no longer exist. I show how to estimate measurements and use this information to produce working drawings. I then demonstrate how to transfer the drawing information to the working materials, then cover cutting the profiles out ready for assembly.

My demonstration then shows assembly, covering the building carcass with a clay skin, scribing stonework, fitting windows, doors and a tiled roof.

The video concludes with a detailed demonstration of my painting and weathering techniques.

Available now for just £22 including postage and packing (£27 for the EC countries, £30 rest of the world) direct from me, contact information here: Contact