Modelling Ports & Inland Waterways

Modelling Ports & Inland Waterways

Modelling Ports & Inland Waterways – A guide for Railway Modellers
by David Wright

ISBN: 9781785001673
PUBLISHED BY: The Crowood Press
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246×189 mm
INSIDE: 360 colour photographs and 33 colour drawings

This wide ranging and informative book, I have covered all aspects for modellers who wish to create authentic models of ports, canals, quays, wharfs and their associated railway infrastructure. The book also includes track plans, together with reference photographs of buildings and the vast infrastructure associated with this subject.

Topics covered include:

  • Considers the history of ports and inland waterways, and the important role played by the railways in facilitating their operation
  • Provides layout plans and ideas, all based on prototypes, that are aimed specifically at the scratch builder
  • Presents a selection of modelling projects, including dioramas of both a canal wharf and two different estuary ports, supported by step-by-step photographs, drawings and track plans
  • Pays attention to modelling some of the smaller vessels that might be included in a model as well as to the wharf and quayside buildings and equipment
  • Discusses the modelling and painting techniques that can be used to create realistic-looking water
  • Demonstrates how models can be made more convincing and brought to life by the addition of appropriate colour and weathering, and by the use of scale models of workers, and even birds and animals

RRP: £18.99 UK ($34.95 US)